Create your own social site chat room


Below you will find the step by step instruction of how  to obtain an embed code which will allow  you to create a chat room on your website page. Please contact our support team if you have any additional questions.

1. Create a chat profile


Go to the Home page and click any chatroom listed on the Rooms List to prompt the login form. Click the "Create a Chat Profile" button located on the login form. If you already have created an iWebcam® Chat Account please login on the lower portion of the login form and skip to step 3.

2. Complete the registration


You are required to have a free registered membership. When you get your code for your chat room it is specifically generated for your membership. Your registered membership will have moderator control functions in your chat room.

3. Login and grab your codes


Click the "Create Room" option located on the top right of the chat area.

4. Copy your chat room code


Paste the code to your website and visit the url using your browser. Login using your registered member account and configure your room by clicking the "Create/Modify a Room..." button located above the user list.


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