The chat service is not appearing on the webpage.


If you are using the Chrome browser and are experiencing an initialization/loading issue we would suggest you try using a different browser or use the iWebcam desktop option.


If you are using Internet Explorer please locate a blue circle with a line through it at the top right in your address bar. Click the blue circle and turn off Activex filtering for this website. You may find more information at the Adobe forum link:



If you continue to not have the chat service appear on the webpage we would encourage you to contact our support team for assistance.


I can not broadcast my webcam.


Please go to "settings" on the top of the chat and click the flashplayer settings option. Click the cam icon and select your webcam input. If you are using a computer with onboard cam you may need to select the USB cam input option. Also, go to the monitor icon in settings and ensure that you have allowed system access.


Some members also use third party software to resolve webcam issues. Some options are webcammax.com and manycam.com software. Please note that when using third party software that you must select the software webcam driver in the flashplayer settings as previously described.


If you are using Google Chrome browser you may have disallowed the webcam broadcast on the browser control. After you select the webcam broadcast option in chat look to the top right of the address bar and check to see if the cam icon is not crossed off. If it is shown as crossed off please click the icon and select the allow webcam option for this page. You will need to restart the browser. Please remember to click the  allow the webcam connection at the upper left of the browser when the browser is restarted and you retry your webcam broadcast.


In some cases members have found it helpful to unplug their webcam and then plug it back into the computer. Reload the chat page and then try the webcam broadcast.



What are STARS?


Chat STARS my be received from other members if you are a registered member. Each STAR received places one chat credit into your member profile account. Chat credits may be used for flirts, membership upgrades or sending STARS to other members.



Guest login vs. Member Profile Login.



You are welcome to use a guest login for your fun in chat. However, a member profile will allow you to receive  chat STARS (free credits) from friends in chat. A guest login will not give you access to chat STARS.


Members can secure their member profile name so that it may be used for future logins. This will help you create a recognizable identity with friends in chat. Once a name is secured to a member profile it may not be used in chat by other guests or members.


Members have access to upgrade features because they can give and receive chat STARS. A member upgrade will allow the use of color text, create private chat rooms, participate in private chats and view up to six webcams simultaneously.


Chat members may create and host chat rooms. The function is available by clicking the "create/modify a room" at the upper right of the chat.



How do I place someone on "ignore"?



You may either click the [x] next to the person's name in text chat or click their name in the userlist, and in the webcam view's "actions" choose the ignore feature. The ignored person will be removed from your chat environment. They will not be able to view your webcam or text. Also, you will not be able to view their webcam or text. If everyone in a chat room decides to ignore the same person that person would essentially be removed from all room activity. This is a form of social moderation of a chat room designed to give people the collective power to have influence over their chat environment and experience.


More FAQ information about the chat service may be found at www.iwebcam.com/faq.html





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